Best Solar Gutter Lights In 2022 (Top 21 Reviews & Guide)

2022-03-11 09:38:09 By : Mr. Danny Dang

Did you know that approximately 10% of the average home’s energy expenditures go towards lighting? (1) Switching to more efficient lighting both inside and outside the house can make a world of difference in lowering your electricity bill and saving energy.

So, we’ve rounded up the best solar gutter lights of the year all in one place because they’re not only decorative, but practical – for increased security, safety, and energy reduction. Check out our top 21 picks below!

With bright lighting, easy installation, and lightweight durability, this is our top choice for the best overall.

Choosing the best solar gutter lights is not easy with so many different options out there. We rounded up our top 21 choices of the best available in the market. However, as you look through this list, make sure you can find one that is right for you.

Number of Lights: 9 LED Lights

This uniquely-designed solar deck light is our top choice for the best overall because of its bright lighting with 9 LEDs, easy installation, and lightweight durability. The Roshwey 6-Pack not only illuminates your house or backyard but is a decorative light that looks like a UFO.

It packs power with large solar panels and a 1.2V 1600mAh rechargeable battery, making sure that it provides more light than other solar gutter lights without losing light time. You can attach this light to a wall or pathway using a single bracket or clip it onto a fence or gutter with two adjustable brackets. It is easy to install with no wiring required.

It is made with high-quality, eco-friendly ABS material that gives these lights a long service life.

With an IP 55 waterproof rating, it is more durable than other lights and can withstand all types of weather, including rain, snow, and wind. (2)

Number of Lights: 9 LED Lights

The JSOT 6-Pack is a high-quality solar gutter light with longer light time for half the price, making it our top budget pick. With 9 LEDs, this solar power design emits brighter light without being too harsh, making it an ideal decorative light for the outdoors. It has a detachable lamp shade so you can alter its aesthetic look.

This solar deck light is easy to install and can be mounted to the wall or on a fence using brackets to illuminate your backyard, driveway, or pathways. It is made to withstand all types of weather and is completely waterproof. It charges automatically during the day and powers on at night for up to 8 hours with no manual control necessary.

For those on a tighter budget or just looking for an incredible value, we highly-recommend the JSOT 6-Pack.

Number of Lights: 80 LED Lights

For those looking for larger solar gutter lights, mounting poles, and brighter illumination, the InnoGear Store 2-Pack is our top choice for the best light with mounting poles. This product is 3 times larger than other lights with a 2600mAh solar power capacity, which means it can absorb more sunshine than other lights even if it is not in direct sunlight. It has 80 bright LEDs and can produce over 450 lumens.

This light is unique because of its aluminum mounting poles, which can be installed quickly and easily to extend from the gutter or wall. It is made of IP 65 waterproof technology and has two layers of the hermetically-sealed internal loop, making it durable in any weather conditions. The lights also use a motion sensor that can detect people within 26 feet.

The InnoGear solar gutter lights have 4 working modes: ¼ brightness, ½ brightness, dim mode to full brightness when it detects motion, and maximum brightness when motion is detected.

Number of Lights: 24 LED Lights

With 24 LEDs, a sensitive motion sensor, and easy installation, the InnoGear 4-Pack provides powerful illumination for a wider area. It does not require any wires or adapters and can be mounted easily with 2 keyholes in the back to hang on or off screws.

Made with high-strength ABS material, this rectangular-shaped solar light has a waterproof level of IP 65, giving it a longer lifespan even in harsh weather. It is a durable choice for outdoor lighting.

The motion sensor on this light detects up to 16 feet around. It stays dim in the dark but goes to full brightness when activated. It has a simple on/off switch, keeping its operation hassle-free.

This 6-pack of LED solar lights from iSunMoon Store have larger solar panels, four different installation methods, and great price value. They are lightweight and smaller than other solar lamps, making it easier to mount on your gutter and illuminate smaller areas.

Depending on weather conditions, it has an average run time of up to 8 hours, and automatically turns on at dusk to illuminate the night and turns off at dawn to charge. It takes between 6-8 hours for the light to be fully recharged.

The iSunMoon solar gutter light can be fixed to a wall or pathway in 2 ways with a single bracket. It can also be clipped to a fence or gutter using 2 adjustable brackets. With a waterproof level of IP 55, this product can withstand most weather conditions.

This new generation of gutter lights from DBF includes higher brightness, 9 LED chips, and longer working time. It has a built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery and uses a highly efficient solar panel that will light up for more than 8 hours when fully charged. It has a light sensor, so it will automatically turn on and off on its own.

These creatively designed solar gutter lights are durable in various weather conditions. It is made of ABS and IP 55 waterproof material, making it perfect for outdoor use. It comes in black or white to match your porch, yard, or house color scheme. These solar-powered lights come with a 12-month warranty to ensure quality.

The ROSHWEY 4-pack of solar gutter lights are easily adjustable, have a built-in light sensor, and use 18 LEDs for increased brightness. They are easy to install on the wall outdoors using the long bracket and screws, or you can combine 2 brackets to clip it onto fences or gutters.

The solar panel is 5.7 x 2.3 inches, making it larger than other solar lights, and has a conversion rate up to 18%, reducing charge time when placed in direct sunlight. When fully charged, the lights can stay illuminated for up to 10 hours. These highly-efficient solar lights are also made of IP 55 waterproof material that protects it from rain and snow.

This 2-pack of solar lights from CREATIVE DESIGN has 46 bright LEDs, is easy to install, and contains a larger solar panel. There are 34 LEDs on the front and 6 LEDs on each side, producing over 500 lumens to provide wider illumination on your porch, driveway, or pathways. It is easy to install using the included mounting poles to get maximum solar energy.

These lights are made of ABS and IP 65 waterproof material, meaning it is water-resistant and heatproof. It also comes with a sensitive motion sensor with a sensing angle of 120 degrees. The solar panel is larger and comes with a built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery to speed up charging time and offer longer working times.

This environmentally-friendly 2-pack of solar gutter lights boasts 12 hours of working time with each full charge, an 80 x 80cm solar panel, and 6 LEDs. It has 3 lighting modes: dark, dim, and bright, and can sense motion up to 26 feet using a Passive Infrared (PIR) core.

The Hoshine solar lights require up to 4.5 hours to fully charge and are made of reliable aluminum and plastic material. With 6 LEDs, it can produce up to 200 lumens.

These durable solar lights stay on eco mode during the night and turn on during the evening and off at dawn automatically. These lights are easy to install and can be fixed on porches, walls, eaves, and fences.

The SUNFACE solar deck lights are a beautiful clear amber color with two optional color modes and a highly-efficient solar panel. The panel is made of polysilicon, which converts up to 19.5% of sunlight into energy, ensuring a faster charge and longer working time.

One of the unique highlights of this model is it’s two optional modes. You can either set it to warm white or rotate colors (RGB color) to set the ambiance of your garden or porch. It is IP 65 waterproof and heatproof, meaning it can withstand severe weather conditions. The installation is simple and can be done in less than a minute.

Though it may not be the brightest light, it still illuminates your path and sets a warm tone to your outdoor environment.

This long-lasting solar light from KJ-KayJi has a working time of more than 8 hours, emits brighter light with 9 LEDs, and has 4 different installation methods for your convenience. The solar deck lights bracket distance has an adjustable range of 0-50mm, making it suitable to fix on various surfaces. It comes in cool white or warm white to set a different tone for your driveway, porch, or other pathways.

It is not only aesthetically appealing decorative light, but is practical with improved brightness. The larger polycrystalline solar panels absorb more sunlight than old gutter lights. It is IP 55 waterproof and automatically turns on at night and off during the day. It comes with a 30-day return refund and an 18-month warranty, ensuring quality control.

With 2 intelligent working modes, high photo-sensitivity, and longer working time, the Roopure solar lights are durable and made of high-strength ABS and metal. These motion-activated lights are designed with larger polycrystalline silicon solar panels and a 1500mAh rechargeable battery to last longer throughout the night.

The solar lights have 10 LED ultra-bright chips, which illuminate up to 300 lumens, similar to a floodlight. The longer aluminum mounting pole extends the panel away from the gutter or wall to receive maximum sunshine. It is easy to install with a 120-degree wide-angle for greater brightness. The Roopure solar light is one of the most reliable solar gutter lights out there with a lifespan of more than 3 years.

Number of Lights: 80 Bright LEDs

The black solar lights from CREATIVE DESIGN are incredibly bright with 80 LEDs that produce 450 lumens, an upgraded solar panel, and 4 working modes. The different modes are dim or bright illumination that stays on throughout the night, or motion-censored dim or bright illumination.

The upgraded solar panel is bigger with 17% efficiency and can decrease battery charging time when placed under direct sunlight. The built-in 2600mAh Li-ion battery allows for a longer working time as well. The solar gutter lights are water-resistant with a waterproof level of IP 65, and are heatproof. It is easy to install with an included aluminum mounting pole.

Equipped with 12 high-power LEDs and a new energy management chip, 2 different installation methods, and an advanced solar panel, the UniqueFire solar gutter lights prove to be a high-quality product. The solar panel is one of the most advanced using photoelectric conversion, converting electricity at a 20% higher rate than other solar panels. (3)

This outdoor light emits bright light for up to 8 hours when fully charged and contains a 1500mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery. No wiring is necessary to install it. You can easily fix it onto a wall, deck, gutter, or fence using the provided brackets. This high-quality solar-powered light is smaller but heavy-duty to withstand any weather conditions, ensuring a long lifespan.

The UniqueFire Warm White Lights have 25 upgraded high-powered LEDs, a new energy management chip, and a longer light time using a 1800mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery. (4) The most advanced solar panel technology converts sunlight into energy 20% more than other panels. It turns on and off automatically and is easy to install with brackets on the wall, fence, or gutter.

The lights have a waterproof level of IP 64 and are made of environmentally-friendly ABS material that is designed to endure through bad weather. It has an illuminating angle of 80 degrees and can light up to 10 feet away. The warm light will make your porch or backyard feel cozy, unlike harsher floodlights.

This pack of 10 solar gutter lights from Yescom is priced at an excellent value for the amount you receive. Using the latest improved solar panel technology, this solar light is energy-efficient, long-lasting, and portable. It can stay illuminated for up to 10 hours after being fully charged.

There is an on/off switch that can be used for manual operation, but it also automatically turns on and off in the evening and morning. It is durable with a waterproof level of IP 44, and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is made of 3 LEDs and produces 30 lumens, making it a smaller but still effective light that can be used almost anywhere.

Number of Lights: 9pcs 2835SMD

Built with high-quality crystalline silicon panels, rechargeable solar power, and a unique UFO design, these solar gutter lights from Rowrun come in a pack of 4 at a great price. The efficient solar panel is able to work for 8-10 hours at night after spending 6-8 hours in direct sunlight. It uses photo sensor technology to turn on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. It has 9 LEDs that generate 100 lumens of brightness.

This model is constructed with eco-friendly ABS material, which is heat-resistant. It also has an IP 55 waterproof rating, making it perfect for the outdoors and rainy weather. It is easy to install to the wall or pathway using a single bracket, or you can clip it to the fence or gutter using 2 brackets.

These outdoor security lights are super bright, waterproof, and simple to install. It uses 8 high-output surface mount LEDs that produce 35 lumens of light. It can be used to illuminate pathways, decks, and fences. The ELYXWORK solar lights power on for up to 8 hours when fully charged. When in direct sunlight, it requires between 6-8 hours of charging time.

The solar light is made of durable plastic and has an IP 44 waterproof rating. It is able to withstand all weather conditions and can be used to illuminate porches, balconies, gutters, fences, etc. Screws and brackets are included for easy installation, and it comes with a 1-year product warranty to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

With longer lighting time, 2 different installation methods, and 9 flood light LEDs, the UniqueFire Cool White Light is both decorative and practical. The 9 LEDs emit stronger light than the previous model to improve safety for people and property and generates 100 lumens for improved brightness.

It uses a 1500mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery to keep the light running for up to 8 hours after being fully charged. It only charges when it is in “ON” mode, and a full charge may take 1-2 days.

These solar gutter lights are made from high-quality, eco-friendly ABS material and has an IP 55 waterproof rating. It has 2 convenient installation methods using brackets and screws with no wiring required.

This 6-pack of solar gutter lights from GMFive are small and portable, eco-friendly, and bright. They’re designed to be attached to garden fences and gutters for increased visibility, and each one has 3 LEDs that produce 20 lumens. Typically, to charge these solar gutter lights it takes around 4.5 hours, and from there they can stay illuminated for up to 9 hours.

The 60 x 60mm solar panel is made of monocrystalline silicon and uses a 1200mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery to store energy. The light is mainly made of acrylic and alloy material. It comes with a mounting bracket and an expansion pillar-hinge to make it easier to attach to gutters or fences. It may not be the most durable in harsh weather, but it provides adequate light when you need it.

The Portfolio Solar Gutter Light is ideal for illuminating pathways and patio spaces. It is environmentally friendly, uses photocell control to turn on and off at dusk and dawn automatically, and has a long working time after being fully charged. It is heavier than other lights at 1 pound, but its illumination covers a wide area.

This solar gutter light model produces 20 lumens and can run for up to 8 hours in the night. As an outdoor accent lamp, it is made of plastic and can be mounted on gutters easily to receive the most light and provide just the amount of light you need to keep you and your property safe.

Lumen counts measure the levels of brightness in a lightbulb or LED. (5) The more lumens there are, the more light you get. Depending on your preference, you may want a solar gutter light with a higher lumen count–and therefore more brightness–or a lower count to set the ambiance of your space.

Similar to most solar lighting equipment like outdoor solar lanterns, in the case of solar gutter lights – the more LEDs, the better! A higher LED count produces more lumens to illuminate a larger area. Because they don’t use as much energy as traditional fluorescent lighting, LEDs can carry more power and produce more light without using up all of the solar energy. (6)

Think of them as little efficient light bulbs. When there are more of them, they collectively create a brighter environment.

If you are looking to illuminate a larger space, more LEDs will help provide the light you need.

Materials such as ABS and aluminum make up most solar gutter lights because they can withstand most weather conditions. They are also cheaper to use while still making your solar gutter lights durable and attractive. Look for high-quality materials with a high waterproof rating and material reliability to ensure they last for a long time. (7)

Solar gutter lights use 4 types of batteries: lead-acid, NiCAD, NiMH, and Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) batteries. Li-ion is often the popular choice overall because of its fast-charging rate and higher capacity. (8)

However, a quick charge doesn’t mean much if your solar gutter lights can’t hold much power at one time. When buying a solar gutter light, you want an extra-large battery capacity so it can store more energy and lead to longer working times at night.

Most people aren’t usually in the market for just one solar gutter light, so buying multi-packs is a great way to get more for your money. You can get many high-quality solar gutter lights for a fair price, and it is often cheaper buying them in packs rather than individually.

Installing conventional lights in your backyard can be tiresome, especially if there is only one way to mount them. Multiple installation methods are much more convenient when trying to attach your solar light in different places.

Look for solar gutter lights that come with mounting brackets and screws so you can easily fix it on a wall or clip it to a fence or gutter. Lights that come with mounting poles are also another excellent installation option to consider.

Ultimately, whether you’re shopping for the best solar flagpole light, best solar gutter light, or any other new solar lighting for your home, or area in need, to find the best deal – it needs to meet your unique needs. Consider factors such as how much you are willing to pay, the number of solar gutter lights you need, shipping costs and speed, and the area you want to illuminate while looking for the best deal for you.

Now that you’ve seen our in-depth guide to the best solar gutter lights of the year here at Energy Center of the World, 21 in fact, all that’s left is to choose the model that right for you. If you’re not sure which solar gutter lights to go with, we highly-recommend the Roshwey 6-Pack, our top overall choice.

They’re not only practical but aesthetically pleasing to enhance your outdoor ambiance. Then, they have extra-large 1600mAh rechargeable batteries, which allows them to store more energy than your average unit. In addition, they’re easy to install pretty much anywhere and prove to be sturdy over time.

With their above-average durability, high-quality construction, and excellent price – these solar gutter lights have everything you look for in our books.

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